Short-term Stabilization

Stabilization and Rapid Reintegration (STARR) Programs

Horizon House provides youth ages 10-18 and their families access to a primary set of service components (residential placement, stabilization, case management, crisis and behavior management), which are enhanced by a set of flexible secondary service elements (assessment, clinical services, reintegration). These services are further individualized through access to LUK’s numerous ancillary support services to create a specialized web of care. Horizon House STARR is designed to provide brief placement and flexibly intensive services for youth and families.

LUK’s Bridge Home provides children up to age 12 and their families with services such as residential placement, stabilization, case management, crisis and behavioral management, as well as assessment, clinical services, and reintegration. The Bridge employs a collaborative family-centered treatment planning process; provides recreational, cultural, and social opportunities; and 24-hour on-call crisis management availability.

For more information please contact: 800-579-0000 and ask to speak with the Director of Residential Services


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