The Compass Project

The Compass Project is a collaborative community-based initiative, focused on ending youth homelessness in Worcester. The overall goal of the Compass Project is to strengthen the existing social service network in Worcester by coordinating a system of care for vulnerable transition age youth (ages 17-24) and advocating for the resources needed for primary and secondary prevention of homelessness. The intended impact is an increase in the number of young people in Worcester who are housed in safe, stable settings. The Compass Project seeks to decrease the incidence of youth homelessness on three levels:

  • Individual – improving youth safety, housing stability, and positive development through intensive case management;
  • Community – fostering collaborative and coordinated work through a service network of community-based organizations; and
  • Systems – advocating for local and state policy reform through participation in statewide efforts and ongoing evaluation of the project model.

For more information, please contact: 800-579-0000 and ask to speak with the Director of TIL Services.


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