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Families and Communities Together (FCT) provides home– and community-based Intensive Care Coordination and Family Support and Training through the Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative (CBHI).  FCT is a collaborative effort with Community Healthlink (CHL), serving families in the North Central, Worcester West and Worcester East areas. Most families with youth under the age of 21 who have a Serious Emotional Disturbance (SED) who have MassHealth as primary or secondary insurance are eligible for services. The service utilizes a wraparound model to provide a strength-based, family-driven approach to coordinate services based on the needs prioritized by the family. Wraparound is process used to create, put in place, and monitor an individual plan developed specifically to address the needs of youth, and builds on the strengths of the youth, family, team, and a community. Wraparound puts the family at the center of the planning process and builds a team around the family’s vision for their child’s future.

Intensive Care Coordination includes a comprehensive assessment of the youth and family’s strengths and needs, assembling a planning team of the family’s preference made up of formal and natural supports to help support the youth and family, and facilitates the development and coordination of an individual care plan used to guide the family and team in achieving goals.

Family Support and Training services are delivered by a Family Partner—a parent or caregiver of a youth with special needs—who provides coaching, mentoring, and support to the family as they implement the individual care plan. Family Partners may transport family members to appointments; accompany family members to meetings at court, schools, DCF, DYS or other providers; or mentor family members around issues pertaining to the human services system. Family Partners help the family learn to function independently and learn to advocate for themselves in the future.

For more information or referral information, please contact:
North Central CSA
Phone: 877-240-2755
Fax: 978-537-0512

Worcester East and West CSA
Phone: 877-778-5030
Fax: 800-348-6090



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