LUK Inc and the Fitchburg Women’s Hockey League Celebrate 10th Annual Have a Heart Hockey Tournament!

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Brendan Ware, Calixte Davick, Elizabeth “Buffy” Cautela and Sinead Resendes were all awarded individual $250 scholarships at the finale of the Tournament


This year’s 10th Annual Have A Heart hockey tournament was enjoyed by over 330 players representing 28 women’s recreational hockey teams from throughout the New England region as well as family and friends. Four youth hockey players were awarded $250 scholarships to continue their hockey endeavors, with the money generated by the Fitchburg Women's Hockey League. 100% of the tournament proceeds were distributed to LUK. As part of the 3rd Annual Michelle “Shelley” L’Ecuyer Memorial Scholarship, $1,000 of those donations were presented to the hockey scholarship recipients by LUK’s CEO, Richard Hooks Wayman, on Sunday, 2/23.

"We've been a hockey family for a long time," said Ron L'Ecuyer, Shelley's brother, Sunday at the Landry Arena. "Shelley was a passionate person when it came to hockey and her work. This is a great way to memorialize her."

The Have A Heart tournament combines many things Michelle "Shelley" L'Ecuyer loved in life: hockey, helping the community and helping children. Since Shelley’s untimely death during the 2010 edition of the women's hockey tournament, the event has been used as a memorial to the former Fitchburg resident and teammate.

L'Ecuyer worked for more than 20 years at LUK and the partnership between the FWHL and LUK is now able to award scholarships to hockey-playing children and provide a wonderful tribute to a woman who loved the sport and helping others.

Prior to the Shelley L’Ecuyer Memorial Fund, “the tournament used to distribute money to specific charities in the area," FWHL board of directors member Jill Peterson. "Now, through LUK, we're able to give the money as scholarships to kids. We've been able to raise over $20,000 in our 10 years."

The Fitchburg Women’s Hockey League was founded in September 2002 by a group of women who simply wanted an opportunity to play hockey. Today, with the help of many, that dream has grown into a four-team league with local businesses sponsoring each team. The membership has grown to over 60 women ages 18 to 60, of varying abilities, hailing from Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

The Fitchburg Women’s Hockey League provides a recreational, yet competitive, opportunity for women to play the game of hockey, improve on skills, and just have fun with a wonderful group of women! The league encourages and supports women of all abilities and backgrounds.

Brendan Ware and Calixte Davick, both of the Twin City Hawks hockey program, and Elizabeth “Buffy” Cautela and Sinead Resendes, of the Nighthawks girls' team, were each awarded $250 scholarships before the tournament finale between Trail Mix and the Storm.

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