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Valentine's Day

By Sona Klimowicz

February 14th is Valentine's Day. Over the years, the meaning of Valentine's Day has changed; it reportedly started out celebrating Saint Valentine who conducted wedding ceremonies for soldiers who were forbidden to marry in the 5th century. In the 14th century, in the days of Chaucer, it was first associated with romantic love; in the 18th century, as courtly love flourished, rituals around St Valentine's Day grew to include the gifting of flowers, confections, valentine's cards and Valentine's Keys to unlock the giver's heart.

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No Place Like a Foster Home for the Holidays

By Richard A. Hooks Wayman

I have been a foster and adoptive parent for over 11 years. In that time, my husband and I have raised three foster care daughters (older adolescents into their young adult years) and have adopted four younger children (one daughter and three sons between 2 and 9). I also serve as the CEO of a community- based child welfare and social services agency in Central Massachusetts, LUK Inc. LUK administers over 100 foster homes and three residential programs, and each year we serve over 460 children and youth who are involved with the child welfare system.

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Out of Home for the Holidays

There's a part of us that longs for acceptance and connection.  To know that others care deeply for us, are willing to sacrifice their time for our well-being, and celebrate our existence without expecting us to prove our self-worth.  Most of us have had those experiences in our lives when the mere presence of another person brings out this feeling of belonging, love, and the evaporation of all pretenses and tensions.  Often this comes when we arrive home after a long day or visit a family member or loved one.  Our worries melt away and we are left with the feeling that we are alright.

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By Tom Hall

One of the best indicators of a child’s success is whether or not there is a caring adult in their life. You can be that caring adult for a child and make a difference. January is National Mentoring Month and there is no better time than now to make that commitment. The most important thing we can do to assure the world is a better place is to strengthen our youth and make sure they have the tools to become healthy and happy adults.

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Thanksgiving 2014

Our commonwealth and LUK’s continued work in offering mutual support

I was standing in the check-out line at Market Basket this week and looked around at the other people waiting in the cashier lines. I realized that I knew nothing of the problems they face in their daily lives. In our frequent interactions with other people, we rarely have the opportunity to ask, explore, or understand the struggles that people encounter.  Life's journey can be filled with deep troubles and inequities that are painful to bear. Some children are exposed to violence, sexual assaults, or chronic neglect. Some people struggle with depression, anxiety, fatigue, mania, addiction to alcohol, pain killers, or illegal substances.  Some are victimized by domestic violence. Others face hunger, want or deep poverty. Others bear social isolation, stigma, or discrimination.

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